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Fürth-5 things to do and see

Fürth is a municipality in the German state of Bavaria. It is one of 35 municipal center in this area. According to estimates from 2010, the municipality had a population of 3300 residents. Fürth is located in the state of Bavaria in Landshut. The municipality is situated at an altitude of 400 meters.

1. Michaelis-Kirchweih


The St. Michael's Festival, dissimilar to other church festivals has earned its popularity as the years progressed. As the second most popular festivals in Germany, it was established in the year 1100. Establishment of the building happened 900 years earlier. The occupants of the city of Fürth were extremely glad that this church has so much respect from all over the world.

3. Stadttheater Fürth

Stadttheater Fürth

Stadttheater Fürth was assembled by the Viennese theater modelers Fellner & Helmer in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque styles. It is very much alike to the metropolitan theater of the Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi, which was planned by the same modelers.

5. Gustavstraße


Fürth's primary region for drinks and snacks is Gustavstraße, which is in the Old Town, close to the Rathaus. There are a lot of pubs, bistros and bars, and restaurants serving Franconian cooking. Shopping offices in Fürth incorporate the City Center shopping center and you can take a stop here too.

2. Nature Trail for Urban Ecology

Nature Trail for Urban Ecology

Nature Trail for Urban Ecology was built in 1999. Visit starts at the Stadthalle underground route station. Along the nature trail, diverse natural surroundings can be found here. The trail has several secured zones, and it is very preserved for all nature wonders around here.

4. Comödie Fürth

Comödie Fürth

Comödie Fürth is currently housed in the Jugendstil building known as the Berolzheimerianum. The playhouse has different appearances by German stars of parody theater. If you want to have a good laugh, this is right place for you. Actors are great and well educated.

Fürth is place that leaves no one indifferent. You will remember Fürth and you will always want to come back here.

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