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Top things to do in Eltham

Eltham, New Zealand is a tiny island near the city of New Plymouth and not far from volcanoe Mount Taranaki. Unlike other towns, Eltham is second largest town in Taranaki.

1. Public Swimming Pools

Public Swimming Pools

If you are not really nature person, public swimming pool is the right place for you. There are many swimming pools. We can recommend Horoi Road, pool with nice and warm water, and excellent service. Pool is a great place to get impression that the summer is still lasts, although it is late december or even january. Go ahead and choose your favourite place that suits you most!

3. Heritage Buildings

Heritage Buildings

Heritage Building will give you inside look of how Victorian buildings look like. If you want to visit this buildings, you better get yourself a brochure and map guide, and be prepared to take a trip to a distance past. Victorian building is nothing like modern architecture – It is full with emotions, round courves and artistic shapes.

5. Bridger Park Lane

Bridger Park Lane

Bridger Park Lane is a park and an amphitheatre too. Here, you can have yourself a little family picnic and a comfort walk through the forest. Also, there are many amusements for the kids. There are many beautiful paysages that you can enjoy. Park is also recommended for group tours where everyone can take some good time.

2. Lake Rotokare

Lake Rotokare

Location of Lake Rotokare is only 8 miles from Eltham. Lake activities include boating, walking and enjoying some good barbacue. Lake Rotokare is a natural habitat for so many bird species. Relax and free your mind while this beautiful birds sing above your head. Just besides the lake, there is a 2 mile walkway, also known as Lake Rotokare Walkway, right in front of picnic area. It leads to the dry forest and to the amazing swamp. This walkway is easy to follow, but during the bad weather it can get muddy, so bring with you some boots for better walking.

4. Eltham Presbyterian Campsite

Eltham Presbyterian Campsite

Eltham Presbyterian Campsite is settled on the three hectare land and it offers outdoor activities such as swimming, canoeing and other outdoor sports. This fabulous campsite is perfect for kids and young adults and similar organizations with many young people as members.

Tasty dairy products is a symbol of this interesing island. There are many things to do in Eltham, no matter what age you have, or are you single or married.

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