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Top things to see in Dunedin (Otago)

Dunedin is often considered as eco capital of New Zealand due to its amazing cultural history and natural beauty. The city is proud of its Scottish heritage and is often referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand. In fact, it is one of the best cities in the southern hemisphere that managed to preserve Victorian and Edwardian style. There are many natural attractions there and plenty of things to see. Some of the things to do and visit include:

1. Monarch Wildlife Cruises

Monarch Wildlife Cruises

If you want to see the beauty and diversity of wildlife that is not possible to see from the land, then you should definitely book one hour cruise around Taiaroa Head on MV Monarch. You will get binoculars, refreshments, warm jackets, information sheets and, of course, experienced guides. This is the best way to learn more about monarchs.

3. Royal Albatross Colony

Royal Albatross Colony

You will find the only mainland breeding colony at the bottom of Taiaroa Head. Spectacular view of this magnificent birds soaring is something you will never forget. They are capable of reaching amazing 115 kph!

5. Taieri Gorge Railway

 Taieri Gorge Railway

There are other nice things to do in Otago like taking a ride on Taieri Gorge Railway. You will enjoy the ride through narrow river gorge and tunnels. You will have a plenty of opportunity to take nice memorable photos.

2. Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation Reserve

Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation Reserve

You will be able to see from first hand this magnificent private conservation effort to save the rarest and one of the most endangered penguins from extinction. This species is characterised by yellow iris and head band. Their only habitat is New Zealand while their population is only 4,000 – 5,000. This tour is the only financial base for this operation.

4. Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle

The only castle built in New Zealand is still alive and kicking. The Barker family did a great job by restoring it. They collected the original pieces of furniture and other things like Constance’s boudoir which even has her original wedding gown. Constance was the third wife of William Larnach. You can taste the history that goes back to 1871, learn details about the scandal and rumours surrounding the lives of the Larnach family and enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the land surrounding the castle, the city, Pacific Ocean and Otago Peninsula.

Finally, if you have kids or have a sweet tooth yourself, you shouldn’t miss the Cadbury World Visitors Centre. It is a great and entertaining tour through history of Cadbury and chocolate itself. You can take one of the personal guided tours and enjoy product sampling. The final destination is the retail store with all chocolate wonders.

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