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What to do and see in Dresden

Dresden was founded in the East of Germany. It is known as "Florence at the Elbe", because of its ideal area on the banks of the Elbe waterway and its brilliant samples of Baroque structural planning and world-class exhibition halls. Despite the fact that 80% of Dresden's memorable focus was demolished in World War II, it is remade to their previous quality. Here are the main five things to do in Dresden:

1. Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady

Dresden's Church of Our Lady has a moving history: In World War II, when air-strikes wiped out the downtown area, church was distroyed. The remains were left untouched until 1994, when the remaking started. When the church was reinovated, it was a complete success - everybody liked the church and it is very well known among the tourists.

3. Zwinger Palace

Zwinger Palace

The Zwinger Palace is one of the finest illustrations generally Baroque structural planning in Germany. Manufactured between 1710 and 1728, the Zwinger was utilized for court celebrations and competitions. Today, the Baroque mind boggling of structures, displays and patios is home to top notch exhibition halls.

5. Green Vault

Green Vault

Dresden's Green Vault is home to one of the finest illustrious fortunes accumulations in Europe. Housed in the Dresden Palace, the fortune chamber was established by August the Strong in the eighteenth century.

2. Brühl's Terrace

Brühl's Terrace

Brühl's Terrace is situated between the waterway Elbe and the Old Town. It is known as "The Balcony of Europe", the promenade was a piece of Dresden's unique ambients, until it turned into the enclosure of the Royal Palace. You can climb here on the fantastic staircase, which is flanked by four bronze statues, and go out for a stroll along the promenade. Royal Art Academy and the Albertinum Museum is near this terrace.

4. Semper Opera

Semper Opera

Semper Opera was built in 1841 by the German draftsman Gottfried Semper. Set at the Theater Square in the heart of Dresden, the gateway of the Opera depicts work of Goethe, Shakespeare, and Moliere. The Semper Opera was totally crushed in 1945; but it was revived in 1985 with the same materials used before the devastation.

Dresden is full with many artistic works of art of gold, silver, bronze and many more. Here, you can explore amazing new things and locations.

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