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What to see in Dreieich

Dreieich is a city in the German state of Hesse with over forty thousandt inhabitants. It is near international airport. It is settled only six miles from Offenbach, ten miles from Frankfurt and it is connected to many urban communities. Dreieich is most importantly known for the Haaner Kerb, and it has a Christmas market in this area, which is why Dreieichenhain's gorgeous Old Town is celebrated countrywide. The Haaner Kerb attracts more than seventy five people every year. The highlights are the firecrackers on Saturday evening and the customary marchin.

1. The Burg Hayn

The Burg Hayn

The Burg Hayn is a castle ruin from the High Middle Ages. The most seasoned piece of the mansion complex is residence tower. It is one of the few common structural witnesses to Salian times in Germany. Social occasions at the palace are the broadly known Burgfestspiele and Jazz in der Burg.

3. Buchschlag


Buchschlag on Dreieich's western edge has extraordinary structures in the Art Nouveau style. It was designed by Wilhelm Koban and his colleagues. Security is maximized. Buchschlag is spotted in closed forest area. The oldest part of Buchschlag is located between Hengstbach and the railway line. Protestant and Catholic Church are located in near area. It is also near Hessen. The district area is over five hundred acres wide with huge forest.

5. Schloss Phillipseich

Schloss Phillipseich

Schloss Phillipseich is a palace and habitat lying in the middle of Götzenhain and Offenthal, and you can visit it despite the fact that it is private property.

2. Stangenpyramide


It is located in hidden area with over four hundred fortified wooden blocks. It is open for exploration. It has pyramidal structure and it looks like it was build in the future.

4. Götzenhain


Götzenhain is worth seeing. It is ancient spot with wooden structures. Motel is located here too. Surroundings are amazing. Götzenhain is the upper limit of connection between Dreicheih and four districts in the city. It is located just east of the district boundary on the western part of the Dietzenbacher Mountain.

Dreieich is founded after administrative reform forty years ago after unity of Dreieichenhain and Sprendlingen, and settlements in the area. Name Dreieich has existed since the Carolingian rulers in the ninth century. This area was well known for castles and railroads.

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