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Must do and see in Delmenhorst

Delmenhorst is a urban area in Lower Saxony, Germany. It has a populace of 74,500 It is a region which every tourist gladly visit every year.The city has an area of 63 square kilometers. Delmenhorst was initially formed in 1254, after the Count of Oldenburg, Otto I, purchased the spot. Delmenhorst was announced an autonomous town in 1371.

1. Burginsel


Burginsel is also known as Castle Island. This is the island of the Delmenhorst stronghold, There was a little tower here, called Blauer Turm, and it was a symbol of Delmenhorst.

3. Kramer market

Kramer market

Kramer market, Graftwiesen is a place where you can buy all kind of fruits and vegetables. When it is opened, firecrackers occur in the night at the starting point. One day of the market day is known for family day. Discounts are available all over the place. It is great place for a celebration.

5. Kleines Haus

Kleines Haus

Kleines Haus is the theater in Delmenhorst. Most shows are in german, however perhaps you simply need to join one show to feel old fashioned theater style and nice acting methods.

2. Kartoffelfest


Kartoffelfest starts at October, and it is all about the potatos, and potato-like pottages. If you like to buy anything related to potateos, you can visit this festival and enjoy it. But, make sure you take a jacket with you, because wheater in October can be very cold.

4. Museumsmühle


Museumsmühle is a factory located north in the city. In 1950, an electric engine was introduced here, and thirty years after the factory was deactivated. Later, in 1991, a historical center was developed. It demonstrates the historical production and all the things one factory needs for complete work.

Delmenhorst was returned under the guardianship of Oldenburg centuries ago. Delmenhorst later was scandalous for lord Gerd. Its rule finished in 1482. It has great historic value for german people and it is great place to visit.

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