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Things to do in Darwin

Darwin is the important gateway to countries as East Timor and Indonesia. Things to do in Darwin are several and very attractive, to name the five most appealing to regular tourist.

1. Deckchair Cinema

Deckchair Cinema

If you like watching movies but still breathe the fresh air, the deck chair cinema is for you. This cinema is open every night until 17 November. Deck chairs are provided and the dinner available from food vendors as well as a bar for refreshing beverages. The cinema feature diverse range of Australian and foreign movies. The motto of the cinema is 'The Show Must Go On'. If the rain is light, a movie will continue to run, if the rain is heavy, the movie will be paused, and if it's too heavy the movie will be canceled.

3. Australian Aviation Heritage Centre

Australian Aviation Heritage Centre

A B-52 is an impressive machine that dominates the center. The B-52 is a bomber that is displayed with other military engines, aircrafts and the wreckage of Japanese Zero fighter that was shot down in 1942 air raids of Darwin. This museum is the great way to spend few hours at and the price is reasonably.

5. Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove

Here you can see salt water crocodiles and the view is up close and personal. Meet face to face one the largest salt water crocodiles in captivity. One of the latest attractions is feeding these hungry juveniles. You can also check barramundi in 200,000 liter fresh water aquarium. Cove is settled in the heart of Darwin.

2. Leanyer Recreation Park

Leanyer Recreation Park

Here we have great news - entry to this fantastic venue is free! It consists of wet and dry recreational area. There is water park with swimming area, 3 water slides where you can ride a water and, of course, water playground. Besides this you can enjoy skate park, dry playing ground, cafe and lots of shaded area. In a cafe you can enjoy a drink or something to bite. The park is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm so there is plenty of chances to enjoy it.

4. East Point Reserve

East Point Reserve

This is special place for locals as well as tourists. It is very popular recreational areas. It covers almost 200 hectares, of which 30 hectares are natural forests. There is also opportunity for year round swimming in sea salt Lake Alexander. There are also BBQ and picnic facilities. Besides recreation you can explore military history through gun turret precinct and Royal Australian A Association Museum.

Darwin is the city with the long dry season so you can enjoy lots of heat there. Things to do in Darwin are adventurous and will bring you lots of fun, so come and enjoy the city in the Northern Territories.

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