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What to do in Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld is a Scottish new town in North Lanarkshire. It was made in 1956 as a populace overspill from the city of Glasgow. It is the eighth most crowded settlement in Scotland and the biggest in North Lanarkshire. The name originates from the Gaelic comar nan allt, signifying "gathering of the streams". Town has reward as a Best Town at the Scottish Design Awards in 2012.

1. Cumbernauld House

Cumbernauld House

Cumbernauld House remains on the site of the old Cumbernauld Castle, first manufactured as a Norman style building. Possessed by the Comyns, it was arranged at the east end of the recreation center, where the hill is still noticeable. The Fleming family manufactured their manor where the house now sits. One unique wall can be seen in the near by area. The mansion played host to the sovereignty of Scotland.

3. Cumbernauld Airport

Cumbernauld Airport

Cumbernauld Airport is placed eighteen miles northeast of Glasgow and this air terminal is principally utilized for the preparation of new pilots, and a helicopter landing area. Cumbernauld Airport has a CAA Ordinary License that permits flights for general society transport of tourists. The new airplane terminal was opened by the Cumbernauld Development Corpororation in the late eighties. Before the new air terminal was developed there was a grass landing area being used on the same site.

5. Cumbernauld High

Cumbernauld High

Cumbernauld High covers the Scottish system from S1 to S6 and has the limit for over one thousand students. The school draws understudies from Cumbernauld and the encompassing zone and incorporates Cumbernauld Village, and surrounding areas such a Kildrum, Seafar, Airdrie and more.

2. Cumbernauld town center

Cumbernauld town center

Cumbernauld town center is the primary shopping plaza for the New town of Cumbernauld. It is broadly acknowledged as the UK's first shopping center and was the world's first multi-level town center, inside a solitary structure. The core has now been extended by the recently finished expansion of the Antonine Center. The new focus connections to the current one through walkways and lifts. The building has been well known for strong security system. You can shop around it all day.

4. New College Lanarkshire

New College Lanarkshire

New College Lanarkshire is a recently consolidated school is a joined organization of Cumbernauld and Motherwell College, with Coatbridge College joining soon. Courses are offered at all levels from recreation, through basic/access level, to degree level. Subjects taught include sound and media, business and management, innovative arts and many more. Cumbernauld High School was the first school here. Cumbernauld Academy began from August 2014.

Cumbernauld is original and unique Scottish town, and although relatively new, it has something to offer for every tourist.

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