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Must do and see in Covilha

Covilha is a city in the eastern part of Portugal. City with its 54,000 inhabitants is located predominantly in the mountainous area at an altitude of 700 meters. In this area, they found traces of human presence since the prehistoric times so it is not surprising that the whole area is full of cultural and historical monuments that are a magnet for tourists.

1. Wool Museum (Museu De Lanificios)

Wool Museum (Museu De Lanificios)

Wool Museum was built on the premises that are part of the University of Beira. The museum is designed to preserve traces the history of wool processing in these areas and to explain the importance of the textile industry for the development of this area. The Museum has a large collection of artifacts from the area and a very professional staff.

3. The square in front of the Municipality (Praça do Municipio)

The square in front of the Municipality (Praça do Municipio)

The square in front of the house is located in the heart of the city. This is one of the largest in the area. In this square there is a lot of important objects of cultural and political life of the city. In this square is located Municipality Covilha, cinema, banks, building-Portugal Telecom and similar. All the buildings are protected and marked for storage and is not permitted by their change. Most of the building dates from the sixteenth century. This square is dominated by the Church of Mercy.

5. Cidada de covilha

Cidada de covilha

The house was built by Jose Maria da Silva Campos Mello, leader of the Order of Christ and manufacturer of industrial wool. Casa Mora is located in the oldest part of the city. The building dates from the mid-nineteenth century, of rectangular shape with two floors. This building is a classic example of old houses in this area.

2. Mercy Church (Igreja da Misericordia)

Mercy Church (Igreja da Misericordia)

This beautiful religious building is located in the center of Covilha. The church was built in the baroque style and is one of rare preserved baroque buildings throughout the area. The church was built in the sixteenth century. The interior is simple and in the middle is beautifully decorated altar. The church was completely restored during the thirties and forties of the twentieth century.

4. Cheese Museum (Museu do Queijo)

Cheese Museum (Museu do Queijo)

In this museum, visitors can learn about the production of cheese at the end. This area is normally produced world-famous cheese brand Serra da Estrela. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to taste a variety of cheeses. In the museum there is a small store where you can buy cheeses at very reasonable prices.

During the twentieth century, Covilha was famous for its textile industry as it is today the seat of the entire area and that are located all public services.

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