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5 things to do and see in Corby

Corby is a town and area placed in the region of Northamptonshire. It can be found almost forty kilometers to Northampton.

1. Brooke Weston Academy

Brooke Weston Academy

Brooke Weston Academy is an Academy in Corby for teenagers from age 11 to 18. It has group classes and has an above normal quality performance. Its name was City Technology College and it is remarkable school with amazing and valuable professors.

3. Rockingham Motor Speedway

Rockingham Motor Speedway

Rockingham Motor Speedway is a cutting edge motorsport venue where you can see how driver is preparing, driving displays, testing, driving encounters and motorsport. The primary trackway is in Corby however the real track is arranged in East Northamptonshire.Rockingham is effectively open from the highway. The closest route station is Corby, which is two miles from the circuit.

5. Corby route station

Corby route station

Corby route station is claimed by Network Rail and East Midlands Trains. The current station was opened in 2009. Old one was shut in 1966.It has every route you can imagine on Mondays to Fridays.

2. Sundew


Sundew was a part of mining operations in Rutland and Northamptonshire. It was manufactured by Ransomes and Rapier and named after stallion from Grand National race. Sundew weights over one thousand and five hundred tons. Machine had the capacity move a considerable measure of material very quickly.

4. Corby Cube

Corby Cube

Corby Cube is a real building sensation in the town of Corby which was opened in 2010. The building houses a chamber for Corby Borough Council, a Registry Office, a library, and two theaters. The theater has a project of live show and drama.You can watch a movies twice a week.

Corby has the quickest developing populace in both Northamptonshire and the entire of England. The town was at one time referred to generally as "Little Scotland". It has large number of Scottish laborers.

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