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Must do and see in Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia is a city in the Patagonian region of Chubut in southern Argentina. It is placed on the San Jorge Gulf, a gulf of the Atlantic Ocean. Comodoro Rivadavia is the most imperative city of the San Jorge. The city is alluded just as Comodoro. It was at one time the capital of Comodoro Rivadavia Territory, which existed sixty years ago.

1. Rada Tilly

Rada Tilly

The shoreline town Rada Tilly was established on 1948, and today is a vital center for tourism in Argentina. Oil generation has started to decrease in amount yet the territory has been turning its regard for wind power. Windmills give 20% of Comodoro's complete energy needs.

3. The Downtown region

The Downtown region

The Downtown region is the place you can discover all the shops and restaurants. San Martin Street is main area where you can discover the greater part of the shops, and a view to the ocean. You can visit the old beacon spotted eight kilometers far from the downtown.

5. Hito 50

Hito 50

There is a fringe pass called "Hito 50" or Paso Huemules above ocean level which might be utilized throughout the entire year. This course has a tremendous importance on the grounds that you can learn about people from this area.

2. The South Area

The South Area

The South Area is the most populated in the city. The areas are: Jorge Newbery, 1311 Viviendas, San Martin, Naco, Cerro Solo, San Cayetano, Las Flores and Máximo Abasolo where you can visit main station in the city.

4. Windmill Farm

Windmill Farm

One exceptional place to visit is Windmill Farm. It is truly amazing and the stand out of its kind in South America. It will give you an astounding bird's-eye viewpoint of the city. Comodoro additionally offers an extensive variety of nightlife.

Comodoro is friendly place and you will not regret if you visit it.

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