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Things to see and do in Christchurch

Christchurch is a town on the south shore of England. The town is near Bournemouth in the west and the New Forest on the east. It is part of the regulatory district of Dorset. It is settled on almost twenty square miles with populace of almost fifty five thousand.

1. Christchurch Castle

Christchurch Castle

Christchurch Castle is found in Christchurch and it has been dated to 1160. It is a Norman building and it was located inside the old Saxon Burh.

3. RAF Christchurch

RAF Christchurch

RAF Christchurch is a previous Royal Air Force establishment and was spotted southeast of the A337/B3059 intersection. Christchurch was known as USAAF Station for security reasons. Christchurch Airfield was found southeast of the A337 area. It was a common landing place during Second World War. It was used by Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces. Surrey Flying Services started to offer flights in the late twenties.

2. The Constable's House

The Constable's House

The Constable's House is near the castle. Today the house is home to a tourist visits. The site is overseen by English Heritage. The house is on the site of a prior wooden structure. The wooden fortress was fortified with stone.

4. Christchurch Harbor

Christchurch Harbor

Christchurch Harbor is a common harbor in the area of Dorset, on the south bank of England. Two rivers are on the both side of harbor. The harbor is for the most part shallow. Local Nature Reserve can be visited here. To the west side of the harbor are Wick Fields.

Christchurch was established in the seventh century near river Avon. There is a harbor here too, and the town was initially named Twynham. It was developed in the ninth century. It is great town to visit.

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