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What to do and see in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is not one's typical destination, but when you find yourself there, you will discover that there are lots of things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here are some examples how you can spend your time and have fun there.

1. Discovery Place

Discovery Place

Coming to Charlotte with children can turn into real adventure if you visit Discovery place. Even the young children, who do not really understand science, will enjoy all the colors and movement happening in this children's science museum. An adventure like this is both educational and fun.

3. Luna's Living Kitchen

Luna's Living Kitchen

The place to eat vegan food in Charlotte is this great restaurant with the most delicious food. Smoothies are divine and everything is both healthy and delicious. There should be more restaurants like Luna's Living Kitchen. It might be unorthodox, but vegan food can taste really good when prepared properly.

5. South Park

South Park

No, it is not a park, it's a mall. In this huge shopping center, you can buy just about anything. This is a great place for buying presents for your loved ones. South Park offers something for everyone, you will enjoy this shopping experience.

2. Freedom Park

Freedom Park

This park is beautiful on its own, great landscape, amazing horticulture and breathtaking fountain. But, in late September, Freedom Park becomes the center of Park Festival. Then you can see lot of plays, bands and other interesting cultural events.

4. Lake Norman

Lake Norman

This is a man-made lake with over 500 miles long shore. Lake Norman is ideal for picnics and hiking. You can also sail or engage in other activities. It is peaceful and romantic.

6. Dana Rader Golf School

Dana Rader Golf School

All wannabe golfers can become real ones by enrolling this course. Great instructors will make sure no one leaves unsatisfied. Golf is a great recreation, you get to spend your time outside while having fun at the same time.

These were some of the things to do in Charlotte. We hope you will find something you like among them.

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