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Must do and see in Castrop-Rauxel

Castrop-Rauxel is a mining city in the eastern piece of the Ruhr Area. It is located between Dortmund to the east,and to the north, Recklinghausen, Datteln and Waltrop. The urban territory of Castrop-Rauxel has an aggregate region of 51 square kilometers.

1. Westphalian State Theater

Westphalian State Theater

The WLT or Westphalian State Theater is placefull of excitement. Theaters will always be places for all those tourists who love art and who want to know more about this region in Germany.

3. Castle Bladenhorst

Castle Bladenhorst

Castle Bladenhorst is a castle in Bladenhorst district. It is a castle with restaurant near the former racecourse. Today there is a recreation area where you can walk and enjoy with your family. There is also old town market near this area too.

5. Habinghorst


Habinghorst was located in the demolition area with the former highest building in the city. It was at that time the most modern coal-fired power plant. It was last used as a reserve power plant. Today, is is touristic monument with nice surrounding.

2. Hammerhead tower

Hammerhead tower

Hammerhead tower is an industrial monument they testify to the mining past of the city. There is also stockpile Schwerin with a walk sundial on the site of the former Zeche Graf Schwerin.

4. City Garden

City Garden

On the edge of the old town, city garden is located. It was opened in 1926 and closed in 1992. After the closing, it was declared a national monument and it is now a cultural and leisure center with restaurant.

The city is isolated into 15 districts. Those areas are BecklemIckern, Pöppinghausen, Habinghorst, Dingen, Rauxel, Bladenhorst, Behringhausen, and more. It is very friendly town with so much offers.

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