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Things to visit in Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a small town on the coast of Wairarapa. It is settled in the Wellington and it is known as a home for lighthouse on the reef. Castlepoint was named by captain Cook, which conceives its spirit and wilderness. Its population is about 1,700 and it is best know for horse races since 1872. Castlepoint, or how some people call it – Castle Rock has many things to do. We recommend this things, at least for starters:

1. Wairarapa coastal adventure, Castlepoint

Wairarapa coastal adventure, Castlepoint

Wairarapa coastal adventure is designed for all those who are adventurists by spirit. This coastal adventure will give you a chance to explore Castlepoint from another point of view – to explore its rock formations, tracks and walkpaths near the beach and beautiful open spaces and Tararua land. Rock formations is one the most amazing things you will ever see!

3. Deliverance, Castlepoint

Deliverance, Castlepoint

Deliverance is a famous lighthouse in Castlepoint and it is one century old. It is very popular and many tourists come to Castlepoint just to see this monument. Area of this lighthouse is spectacular and wonderful, but one thing you should definitely not skip to experience is – view from the top of the lighthouse. Spectacular view from bird's perspective is just breathtaking, and you will get a chance to see whole lagoon from there.

5. Beach bach, Castlepoint

Beach bach, Castlepoint

Beach bach is one of the most popular apartments in Castlepoints. It is located right across the beach, with friendly hosts and beautiful service.

2. One Day Walk, Castlepoint

One Day Walk, Castlepoint

One Day Walk is a historic settlement in honered of Richard Mant, famous poet from this small town. One Day Walk is unique opportunity to see wide area lands in Castlepoint, with friendly tourist guides which can give you all the informations you need. Be prepared for energy booster – this amazing walk will give you full workout for the whole body, you will get some oxygen and, afterwards, you will feel very relaxed.

4. Beach Horse racing, Castlepoint

Beach Horse racing, Castlepoint

Horse racing is an annual ceremony settled in 1848. From that year, this race become one of the most famous symbol of Castlepoint. Race is mixed with some picnic on the shore, so you will get double pleasure. Horse racing is very well organized, with excellent riders and good vibration all over it.

Castlepoint is a town for everyone. Unique, cozy and deliberant, it will give you vacation that you'll always remember. Do not miss your chance to visit this remarkable place full of fun and energy. See you there, maybe very soon.

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