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Must do and see in Cascais

Cascais is a town of 205,000 inhabitants located on the coast of Portugal, north of Lisbon on the USC river Tagus. The place is known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions.

1. Beach Cascais (Cascais Praia)

Beach Cascais (Cascais Praia)

This is a beautiful beach with a nearly pristine sand and crystal clear water. Parede Beach has all the usual facilities, such as bathrooms, showers and lifeguards. The sea is very calm on the beach so it's perfect for jumping. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and on top of the beach there is a terrace with benches for relaxing. In the morning, when the highest tides, the sea comes up to the rocks in the middle of the beach at night, during low tide, visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk among the rocks and to inspect the beach area, which covers more than days.

3. St. Anne's Hospital (Hospital de Sant'Ana)

St. Anne's Hospital (Hospital de Sant'Ana)

This hospital was founded as a sanatorium in 1904, by the famous doctor Sousa Martins. Sanatorium is specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis, which in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was one of the most dangerous diseases. In 1961 the building was renovated and received the status of the hospital. One part of it has been preserved for visitors.

5. Carcavelos Beach (Praia Carcavelos)

Carcavelos Beach (Praia Carcavelos)

This beach is popular during the day but is especially popular at night because in it contains a lot of cafes and bars that are open all night. In the immediate vicinity of beach is the fortress of Sao Juliao da Barra where the current seat Ministry defense of Portugal.

2. Morais Park (Parque Morais)

Morais Park (Parque Morais)

Morais Park is located in the historic part of the city. Park was created in the early twentieth century and was owned by Jose Domingos de Morais, an industrialist and the wealthy factory owner "of Portugal and Colonies". The municipality bought the park and opened it to the public in 1934. Today, the park is equipped with renovated playgrounds, has a large pine forest with picnic areas, a lake with a large number of birds, lots of nice groomed trails for walking and the like. The park is located and volunteer fire squad Parede. In this station you can see a lot of old firefighting equipment and vehicles.

4. The Chapel of St. Anthony (Capela de Santo António da Quinta)

The Chapel of St. Anthony (Capela de Santo António da Quinta)

Chapel of St. Anthony's made of imitation granite. The front is fully occupied with a rectangular entrance door surrounded by pillars inside is beautiful Baroque altar Kips image of St. Anthony.

Cascais is a place that is specially suited popular among surfers in Portugal.

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