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Things to see in Carnaxide

Carnaxide is a very old Portuguese city and dates back to the thirteenth century. Things to see and do in Carnaxide are:

1. Fontana Car naxide ( Chafariz De Carnaxide )

Fontana Car naxide ( Chafariz De Carnaxide )

The original fountain dating back to the eighteenth century . On the facade is carved royal coat of arms and inscription in Latin. Fountain extends to a distance of 19,451 meters, mainly thanks to an underground aqueduct . This fountain is part of the historical heritage of the area .

3. House of Mary Helene (Casa Maria Helena )

House of Mary Helene (Casa Maria Helena )

This building is representative of the ancient village Carnaxide whose territory now occupied by farms and cottages. The house is located in the historic area , where there are several equally representative buildings of this period . House of Maria Elena has a significant size compared to the rest of the buildings in the Old Town . This building probably dates from the nineteenth century .

5. French aqueduct ( Aqueduto Das Francesas )

French aqueduct ( Aqueduto Das Francesas )

The aqueduct is part of the French branch of the Aguas Livres aqueduct system . This aqueduct on the way to Carnaxide exceed mountain of the same name , and passes through the Amadora Buraca . Its construction began in the eighteenth century and lasted throughout the nineteenth century .

2. Church St Romao (Igreja de S. Romão )

Church St Romao (Igreja de S. Romão )

This ancient church is dedicated to St. Romao , patron of fishing. It was a chapel first, which was later renovated and converted into a parish church . The building has had major changes and renovations over time . The facade with its decorations and the two towers is a monumental work. Sundial dating from the late sixteenth century. In this church, there are works that have contributed to some well-known artists , such as painter Peter of Alexandria and the best master carpenter Antonio Pedroso.

4. House Gabri ( Gabri Casa )

House Gabri ( Gabri Casa )

Gabri house was built in the nineteenth century by Viscount Moreira de Melo Rei for his daughter Gabriela. This is a building with two floors characterized façade ( facing the garden ) with large windows and stone columns . The most interesting part of this building are undoubtedly terraced gardens : a small conservatory that leads to the waterfall and small lake covered with tiles. To highlight the richness were used HRO Mirana tiles with a variety of motifs : geometric tiles with flowers and figurative (representing monastery Mafra , Palace Square , Belem Tower , Jeronimos Monastery , Sintra and different landscapes ) . These tiles made famous master Santos Simoes . The Home Gabir once lived a famous writer Camilo Castelo Branco .

There are plenty of historically significant sites and therefore is a popular destination for tourists Mesa .

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