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Top things to see in Canterbury

You will like Canterbury at first glance, because it is packed with a special charm that exudes and therefore is one of the few top tourist destinations in the UK. You will find that this city is very vivid, because it is full of students during the summer from all over the world.

1. Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury

The leading Church of England, this memorable gothic-style basilica was served as a rich and influential religious community of Benedictine friars in the twelfth century.

3. St. Lawrence Ground, Canterbury

St. Lawrence Ground, Canterbury

St. Lawrence Ground is the home of Kent cricket. It's delightful manicured green has seen some stunning scenery throughout the years. There is not much improvement with the local area, but regardless, its a delightful ground, and one of the places you will be glad to visit.

5. St.Agustine Abbey, Canterbury

St.Agustine Abbey, Canterbury

This is the initially destroyed nunnery. It is founded in 598, and used until 1538. After that, it was used as an educational building. The guests have a fantastic show on the Roman perspective.

2. Howletts Wild Animal Park, Canterbury

Howletts Wild Animal Park, Canterbury

Howletts Wild Animal Park is a 90 plot of land where you can experience excellent aged parkland. This place is perfect for incredible days out with friends or family. With the Howletts Passport ticket you can return several times for an entire 12 months. Look at Passport Events for 12 awesome motivations to return and revel in the experience once more.

4. Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury

Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury

In spite of the fact that it is small hospital, its historical value is very high. At an exceptionally interesting location, you get to encounter within a medieval building that gave place to stay and rest to explorers going to Canterbury. In spite of the fact that there are no aides in the building, all visitors were taking care at the entryway. You can dicover the most fascinating building characteristics with some good tourist guide. What was truly motivating is that this building has furnished consideration from medieval times and even today is opened for Anglican community.

With so many things to do and explore, Canterbury is definitely our top notch recommendation to visit whenever you want.

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