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Things to do and see in Campana

Campana is a city in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, in the Campana Partido. It is spotted around seventy kilometers from Buenos Aires City, on the right edge of the Paraná River. Its populace is 94,000 occupants according to the 2010 statistics. Campana makes a critical modern district. The city is joined to Zárate and the Zárate Largo Bridge by Provincial Route. The Pan-American Highway joins Campana to Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and the north of Argentina. The town of Campana was authoritatively made in 1875. On 6 July 1885 the Campana Partido was made as a branch of the Exaltación de la Cruz Partido. The vast majority of the city's populace belongs to Italian and Spanish ancesters, for the most part Galicians migrants, despite the fact that there are different minorities located here. There are many Germans, British, and Roms. Lately there has been a slight increment in populace from East Asia and Latin American nations. Things to see here are:

1. Club Villa Dálmine stadium

Club Villa Dálmine stadium

Villa Dalmine is an Argentine football club from Campana. The group at present plays in Primera B Metropolitana, the regionalised third level of the Argentine football association. Club was named Club Atlético Campana somewhere around 1992 and in february changed to its current name.

3. Italpast


This italian restaurant is a distant from Buenos Aires however it is well worth. The sardian italian cooking is something you must try. Sauces of tomato are perfect. Pasta possesses a flavor like custom made pasta, and you can try dryitalian pasta. Service is great and same goes for waiters.

2. Club Atlético Puerto Nuevo stadium

Club Atlético Puerto Nuevo stadium

Atletico Puerto Nuevo is an Argentine football club from Campana in Buenos Aires. The group plays at the Primera D Metropolitana, the fifth division of the Argentine association. Their name was taken from a film called Puerto Nuevo featuring Pepe Arias.

4. Heladeria Real

Heladeria Real

Heladeria Real is a place where you can taste real ice cream. Your brain will enjoy it like never before. It serves ice cream both creamy and fruity, and so tasty. It is made of fresh milk and real chocolate and if you have kids, they will love it for sure.

Campana has been since late nineteenth century a vital shipyard and port for travelers making a trip to the Ibicuy Islands of the Paraná Delta. It is a great city to visit. This city offers value for every tourist. The close city of Campana has enough for a calm week-end.

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