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Top things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge is a town in the Waikato Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Arranged 24 kilometres southeast of Hamilton, on the banks of the Waikato River, Cambridge is regarded as "The Town of Trees and Champions". Things to do in Cambridge follows:

1. Boatshed


Join in the premium paddling and kayaking service in Cambridge. If you need to investigate delightful waterways and coastlines, or if you want to kayaking on quickly streams, there is choices to suit everybody. Kayaking and kayaking treks in Cambridge are accessible to suit all levels of certainty and experience.

3. Museum Te Papa

Museum Te Papa

Cambridge is known for its pure blood stallion stables, which have prepared numerous champion stallions. Cambridge craftsmanship displays may hold shows emphasizing the works of broadly and globally acclaimed specialists in New Zealand. Cambridge craftsmanship may incorporate artistic creations, music, written works, film, photography and model.

5. Cambridge Museums

Cambridge Museums

Cambridge galleries showcase our rich Maori, European and characteristic legacy. Scan reproductions, presentations, reinactments, movies and different articles, carrying our regular, social, military and verifiable occasions to life.

2. CamJet


CamJet will give you opportunity to hang on tight and delight in an adrenaline-pumping plane vessel ride along stunning coastlines, around beautiful lakes or through dazzling waterways. For a fun active water escapade, attempt skiing in Cambridge.

4. Cambridge Boats, Sailing and Charters

Cambridge Boats, Sailing and Charters

Contract a watercraft in Cambridge and see heavenly landscape and marine and feathered species. Wander down smooth waterways on your watercraft sanction, or around excellent coastlines. Set cruise in peaceful waters and appreciate dazzling perspectives. Amateur mariners can figure out how to cruise at a cruising school in Cambridge.

Cambridge is full with trees, stops and enclosures with various of colours as the seasons change. Cambridge also has two of the nation's most lovely conduits - the powerful Waikato River and Lake Karapiro with swimming, paddling, kayaking, plane drifting, skiing, cruising and angling accessible to all inside minutes of the town cenre. Cambridge is overall suited to the individuals who appreciate a walk or like to get on a bicycle - either for a tender ride or to go up against the planet's best cyclists.

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