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5 things to do in Cairns

Welcome to golden city! No, actually, the roads of Cairns are made of gold but it developed into major port for exporting gold, so things to do in Cairns are pretty 'golden'!

1. North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures

Cairns is the city in the far north of Queensland and here you can take adventure on your motorcycle. There are numerous motorbike trails. Once discovered these trails are never forgotten. Here you can experience world class full service off road adventure tours. On your two wheel trips you can see World Heritage areas, abundant wildlife and splendid scenery. Experience many river crossings and make your holidays memorable.

3. Esplanade Boardwalk

Esplanade Boardwalk

It is often called just The Esplanade and it is enjoyed equally with the locals and tourists. The palm tress line the Esplanade and offers tropical feel and in the early morning many birds feeding along the mudflat can be seen. Kids can play at the many playgrounds and adults can make BBQ in BBQ areas that are free of charge. The new addition to The Esplanade is The Promenade, with recreational area for the whole family. Also every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm is Esplanade Market.

5. The Gulflander-Kuranda Scenic Railway

The Gulflander-Kuranda Scenic Railway

Authentic carriage train takes you between Cairns and the village of Kuranda via tunnels, towering bridges and through green world and rugged mountains. Along the way enjoy animals and also wonderful plant species. There are several tours and types of accommodation, for example, you can experience gold class, rare level of comfort and service.

2. Muddy's Playground

Muddy's Playground

Well, there is nothing muddy in Muddy's Playground. Muddy is actually a cafe and it offers terrific playground for kids and bigger toddlers. Cafe is settled right in the middle, you can enjoy the drinks and see your little precious enjoying the time playing with other kids. This is unlimited fun for kids and also parents who wants to sit and enjoy some time in peace.

4. Michaelmas Cay

Michaelmas Cay

This place is world famous for the migration of birds and also offers the opportunity to scuba and and snorkel in protected water. The lagoon is always wind protected and you can enjoy in the company of many interesting animals, like sea turtles, sharks and colorful fish. Daily are allowed only three permits to dive or snorkel in these waters.The area is very safe for kids and bad swimmers.

Cairns is the provincial city but with many attractive sights. Things to do in Cairns are really heart warming, the same as tropical climate there.

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