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Things to do in Bundaberg

The name of this city sounds so German and it is actually connected with the German word 'berg' meaning the mountain. Things to do in Bundaberg are usually carried with sun since the climate of the city is subtropical.

1. Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Bundaberg Rum Distillery

You have probably always wanted to know how the rum is made, so come in this distillery and find out. The first Bundaberg Rum was made in 1888 and through the time it gained recognition. Today this is one of the Australia's most famous Aussie spirits. On this tour you can smell, see and taste the rum production process. There are video presentations, personal sampling, historical displays and you can also buy some original souvenirs. This attraction is for adults mostly even kids can come too but there are no any special activities for them. While entering the facility, you must wear special suit and foot wear. What to say besides - this tour is as good as rum!

3. Mon Repos

Mon Repos

The site is about 15 minutes east of Bundaberg. This is park that supports the largest number of nesting marine turtles on eastern mainland of Australia. It is very important that these turtles have successful breeding since it is critical for their survival, plus they are endangered species. From November to March you can see these turtles and participate in their watching in many different touristic tours.

5. Bundaberg Railway Museum

Bundaberg Railway Museum

Museum is made in the Bundaberg's first railway station. In this site there are many photographs, collection of uniforms and many other history data. One of the most popular displays is the old rolling stock. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

2. Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Hinkler Hall of Aviation

This hall honors a life of Bert Hinkler, Bundaberg's aviation pioneer and Australia's leading aviator. He was significant in aviation advancement during early 20th century. Here you are able to see original documents and restored replicas of Hinkler's artifacts. There are touch screens, interactive displays and even aircraft simulator.

4. Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

These gardens sprawl over 27 hectares and feature a variety of 10,000 shrubs and trees. In the middle of the garden is also magnificent lake that attracts about 115 bird species. During the summer gardens are open from 5,30 to 6,45 pm, and in winter time from 6,30 to 6 pm. There are many BBQ and picnic facilities, children's playing ground, Japanese garden, many themed broad walks and even a wedding chapel.

Bundaberg is the city with the long and interesting history. Things to do in Bundaberg will certainly thrill you and make you want to scream: 'Cheers!'

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