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5 things to do in Brightwater

Brightwater is a small town on southwest of the Tasman district. It was named after Alfred Saunders, mill owner from this area. Brightwater is famous as a birthplace of Sir Ernest Rutherford, nobel price winner. Things to do in Brightwater are as follows:

1. Brightwater Motor Inn and Crossroads Family Restaurant

Brightwater Motor Inn and Crossroads Family Restaurant

After many hours of walking, biking and exploring this great town, feel free to visit Motor Inn Family Restaraunt where you can get some good and tasty lunch or dinner. After a meal, you can even get yourself cosy bedroom for a good night sleep.

3. Pigeon Valley Steam Museum Inc.

Pigeon Valley Steam Museum Inc.

Pigeon Steam Museum is a museum with steam related collection and exhibits. Most famous of them are definitely Fowler engines, imported in 1902. Every month, this museum has a Steam Up day, day that attracts most tourists and visitors. Steam machines has large value not only for New Zealand and Brightwater, but also for the whole world.

5. Brightwater vineyards

Brightwater vineyards

Bridewater vineyards are located in the most beautiful place in Brightwater. You can start your tour from here. Vineyards look same as in movies – wide with beatiful scenery and excellent and tasty grapes. It is establish in 1992, and from then, it grows every year with so many visitors. Here, you can try Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Riesling and more.

2. Whispering Falls

Whispering Falls

Waterfalls is truly wonders of nature. Amazing drops from above are unique and unforgettable. It is located in a magical part of Brightwater, where you can also enjoy relaxing walk or maybe biking. It starts from the Hacket park, and it is about 5 miles long. Just beneath the waterfall, small track will guide you right in the centre of the waterfall itself. You can have a picnic with your family there. Our advice is to visit it in some hot summer afternoon.

4. McGlashen Pottery

McGlashen Pottery

If you are interested in pottery and handcrafted materials, this is a right place for you. McGlashen Pottery is owned by Royce McGlashen, famous potter from New Zealand. His studio is located near Nelson, so it is not far from Brightwater. You can see here artistic collections of his work and enjoy this amazing piece of art.

Brightwater is definitely place for everyone. You can enjoy doing so many things and visiting so many places. Come and visit it, you will not be wrong.

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