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Things to do in Bridgend

Bridgend is a town in Bridgend County Borough in Wales, west of the capital Cardiff and east of Swansea. The stream through town is the River Ogmore, however the River Ewenny can also be seen.

1. River Ogmore

River Ogmore

River Ogmore is a stream which can be seen in Bridgend and it is popular amongst fishermen. It runs by and large from north to south from the Ogmore Vale and Gilfach Goch. and Ogmore. The River Ogmore rise in the Ogmore Valley and streams into the ocean between Ogmore-via Sea and the Merthyr Mawr. The Ogmore has two noteworthy extensions in its headwaters but those cannot be seen from Bridgend.

3. Ogmore Castle

Ogmore Castle

Ogmore Castle is spotted close to the south of the town of Bridgend in Glamorgan and it is arranged on the south bank of the River Ewenny and the east bank of the River Ogmore. It was build i 1105. Ogmore was one of three castles inherent the region in the early twelfth century. It was being used until the nineteenth century.

2. Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle, is a medieval manor found on Newcastle Hill. Ringwork was made at the site by the Norman citizen Robert Fitzhamon. Its ruins can be seen today. Newcastle Castle was at first built as a ringwork in early 1100's by William de Londres. He was a knight faithful to the Norman nobleman Robert Fitzhamon. It is one of three mansions constructed by the Normans.

4. The Designer Outlet

The Designer Outlet

The Designer Outlet is placed close to the towns of Litchard and Sarn. Many shopping stores and restaurants are settled here. It is likewise connected to various transportation lines both north and south of the town. The Bridgend Designer Outlet, is a business retail stop and outlet store by Mcarthurglen Group. It is arranged between Cardiff andSwansea. You can buy toys, books and electrical items here for a good price.

Town is a piece of Glamorgan. Bridgend has significantly extended in size since thirty years ago. It has a population of over forty thousand. The town is experiencing a redevelopment phase with new parks and walking zones.

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