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What to do and see in Brandenburg

Brandenburg is one of the sixteen government states of Germany. In Germany, there is a town of the same name. It lies in the east of the state, and it symbolise previous West Germany and East Germany unification. Things to do near Brandenburg are:

1. The Spreewald

The Spreewald

The Spreewald is a secured UNESCO biosphere save since 1991. It incorporates regions in which the stream Spree wanders in a large number. There is such a lovely nature here, and Spreewald is home to one of the two perceived minorities in Germany, the Sorbs.

3. Neuruppin


This town is the hidden top notch place of Brandenburg. It is on riverside between St. Trinitatis Monastery Church and Ruppiner lake. From here, the savvy boats are available for cruising. This is the perfect spot for walk by the lake.

5. New Palace in Sanssouci Park

New Palace in Sanssouci Park

Raised under King Frederick II at the western end of Sanssouci Park, the New Palace is the biggest castle group in this park.

2. Snowtropolis


Snowtropolis is indoor ski run, and it welcomes you to winter sports through all year. This implies full skiing exercises on a 6,000 square meter range. It is great for beginners and kids too. You can rent ski gear for affordable price. Winter lasts forever here in Snowtropolis.

4. Glienicke Bridge

Glienicke Bridge

Glienicke Bridge is popular monument amongst the most prestigious landmarks of the Cold War. Until the political change in 1989, Glienicke Bridge was area for mystery operations. This is first bridge build in these area.

In late medieval era, Brandenburg was one of seven electing states of the Holy Roman Empire.

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