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Things to see and do in Bletchley

Bletchley is a town of Milton Keynes. It is arranged in the south-west of Milton Keynes, and it is part between Bletchley and Fenny Stratford and West Bletchley. Bletchley is best known for Bletchley Park, the central command of Britain's World War II organization, now home to The National Museum. For a long time, Bletchley was well respected touristic attraction. In 2005, Bletchley economy life was extended with Asda-Wal-Mart and the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA.

1. Bletchley station

Bletchley station

Bletchley station is a track station that serves the southern parts of Milton Keynes and the north-eastern parts of the Buckinghamshire. It incorporates an intersection of the West Coast Main Line with the Bletchley-Bedford Line. This is one of the five track stations serving Milton Keynes. It is the closest primary line station for MK Stadium, the home of Milton Keynes soccer club.

3. Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park was the focal site of the UK's Government Code and Cipher School which was important area during Second World War. It was connected with German Enigma coding system. The site is currently open for all those who are impressed with mysteries of World War II.

2. Milton Keynes Shopping Center

Milton Keynes Shopping Center

Milton Keynes Shopping Center is a local mall found in Milton Keynes and it contains two malls, the grade II building which opened in 1979, and Midsummer Place opened in 2000. The complex is the fifteenth biggest mall in the UK, with a floor region of over sixty six thousand square meters.

4. Newton Leys

Newton Leys

Newton Leys is another attraction in Bletchley with over one and a half thousand home with offices, shops, a school and parkings. It structure is a piece of the Bletchley but it is past the Town limit marker, and it is differentiated from Bletchley by the West Coast Mainline. A region of the Newton Leys site has a history that goes back to the Iron Age. An archeological area was discovered by the engineers in 2006, and it is great place to visit by whole family.

Bletchley is perfect for newly weds and small family because it offers things you can't see it any part of the England.

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