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5 things to see in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city in the UK, in central England. It is the center of the industrial revolution in England, which is why he got the nickname "workshop of the world" or the "city of a thousand lances." According to estimates, it has about 1.073 million residents. Its residents are known as Brummies, nicknamed the city bears: Brum, and dialectal name Brummagem. The city also has a specific dialect and accent.

1. Museum of Science and Industry, Birmingham

Museum of Science and Industry, Birmingham

This museum is a every kid's dream, it is a storehouse with 750 vintage and interested science projects showed on dividers, two-layered stages and practically all over the place you look. The projects are shown arbitrarily,adding a component of unusualness to the viewer's experience.

3. RAF Museum, Birmingham

RAF Museum, Birmingham

RAF Museum is a place for everyone who are into airplanes, pilots and flying. You will see here an amazing tour of some history moments, and you will be delighted to explore this amazing world.

5. Baddesley Clinton, Birmingham

Baddesley Clinton, Birmingham

Baddesley Clinton is a favourite place for all those history lovers who are interesting in exploring architectual buildings and monuments. It is very old and inspirative, and if you visit it during late autumn, you will feel the spirits of some ancient times.

2. Town Hall, Birmingham

Town Hall, Birmingham

This notable storehouse follow the trip of the social equality supporters of the fifties and sixties, who changed the course of england history. The battle for fairness for Black Americans is chronicled here, from the Jim Crow laws in the 1800s to the opportunity rides, sit- ins and exhibits of the year 1960.

4. The Pen Museum, Birmingham

The Pen Museum, Birmingham

This three-story gallery houses a varied choice of craft, incorporating history of the city, symbolization, impressionism, contemporary art and many english artists.

Birmingham is Britain's second largest city and it has central position. The country is divided into counties, the old English county , where the sheriffs - the highest court clerks - perform local tasks. If you want to explore some history monuments, this is the right place for you. Birmingham is a true English city with various offers not only in lifestyle and entertainment, but also in history and art.

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