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Must to see and visit in Bendigo

As many other cities in Australia, Bendigo also has indigenous background and the boom is connected with discovery of gold. Things to do in Bendigo are numerous and usually connected with museums, gold mines and spectacular nature sights.

1. Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine

You can take one of several fascinating underground tours. Discover hidden tunnels where almost one ton of gold was found and in this tour friendly guides will help you to learn about the hard life of miners. Also, find out about the conditions of work in gold rush era as well as gold pinning and old mining machinery.

3. Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo Tramways

Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride in this old tram. It will tell you the story of the city of Bendigo and the worlds richest gold fields that are in this area. The tours are cheap and you can hop up and hop off the tram, it will take you to explore many parks, gardens, shopping centers, dining facilities. Tickets for this tram are valid for two days so you can hop on and off anytime you like.

5. Rosalind Park

Rosalind Park

This is 60 acres of open space with lots of grass and trees, playground, statues and gardens everybody can explore. This site was the Government Camp in 1850s and become the centre of public life. In the history this was the region with the creek and forest but during the gold rush it turn into important park and it still plays the same role.

2. Golden Dragon Museum

Golden Dragon Museum

Here are several permanent exhibitions that will present ancient Chinese culture, for example 1880s textile collection of the Bendigo Chinese Association, Loong (meaning Dragon, worlds oldest Imperial dragon from 19th century), Sun Loong (New Dragon, world longest Imperial Dragon), Horrie Bridges Collection and Dai Gum San Wax Works Collection. For this unusual and interesting story adults have to pay 11 dollars, and kids under 14 years old 6 dollars. Opening hours are from 9,30 am to 5 pm every day.

4. The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

It is the largest Buddhist Stupa in the west with the largest Jade Buddha of gem quality in the world. It is based on Indonesian and Tibetan Buddhist heritage from 9th and 15th century and symbolizing multicultural heritage of Australia.

Bendigo at first was important sheep station, but then, after the discover of the gold it became one of the most important cities in the area. Things to do in Bendigo are long list but the most important thing is that you will not be disappointed and you will certainly come back.

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