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5 things to see in Belfast

Belfast is a city in UK with rich history and cultural value for all the Irish. In the area of Belfast prevailing ocean climate , with a strong influence of the Gulf Stream. It has some amazing places to see.

1. The Crumlin Road Gaol

The Crumlin Road Gaol

The Crumlin Road Gaol opened in 1845 and shut its entryways as a working jail in 1996. After impressive remodels the gaol has re-opened as a guest tour. Today you can take a guided tour of the jail and catch spirit of the history of the site. During the tour of the gaol you will be taken by your tour guide to visit the underground tunnel, you will get an opportunity to sit in the Representative's seat, view all the wings from the round and pay a visit to the cell before seeing the execution unit where the larger part of the 17 men were hanged.

3. Cultra Manor

Cultra Manor

This museum holds a prominent Titanic show emphasizing drawings by Thomas Andrew, the boat's architect and previous Belfast occupant. Guests can experience life in 1912 by dropping 44 feet into the monster dry dock and stroll in the strides of the men who worked in the shipyard a century ago. Experience the design behind the incredible pump house, which still houses the unique pumping motors, arranged profound in the pump.

5. Culturlann Macadam O Fiaich

Culturlann Macadam O Fiaich

Live conventional and contemporary music sessions, verse readings, shows, workshops and the kids' crafts programme are only a percentage of the explanations why A Culturlann is recognised as the Belfast Irish true experience.

2. The SS Nomadic

The SS Nomadic

The SS Nomadic is reputed to be Titanic's younger sibling. Fabricated in the meantime, by the same individuals, in the same Harland and Wolff shipyard as Titanic, That was the beginning of a dashing life of this amazing boat. You can stroll in the strides of history, study her story, and come to be part of the new section of her sensational presence.

4. Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall

An unmistakable, glass-walled building focus of high-class society: musicals and shows and exhibitions are held here.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and the second largest city on the island of Ireland, immediately after Dublin. It is settled in the east of Northern Ireland, at the mouth of the River Lagan. This is a major industrial center in the UK, known for its highly developed shipbuilding.

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