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Things to do in Bautzen

Bautzen is a city in Upper Lusatia in Germany, on the bank of river Spreva in eastern Saxony. Eight years ago, it had over forty thousand citizens. It is political and cultural center of Lusatian Sorbs in Upper Lusatia.

1. Steinhaus


Steinhaus, or Stone House is a cultural center on the stone road with restaurant, hall for concerts, theater, and many many more. It is largest social place for gathering. There is breakdance competition every year, and offers great fun for everyone.

3. The Natural Park of Bautzen

The Natural Park of Bautzen

The Natural Park of Bautzen is located in the southeast of the urban area of Bautzen. It is not a park per se, but it belongs to a category of protected area. It has agricultural area and one part is open for public.

5. The German-Sorbian Theatre

The German-Sorbian Theatre

The German-Sorbian Theatre is the only professional theater in this part of state. Itis an important institution of Sorbian-German culture.It was formed at the end of eighteen century. Previously, theater shows were held in the old Gewandhaus. During and after the Battle of Bautzen, the theater was used as a military hospital. It was renovated in nineteen century. Serbian folk theater was also positioned here after Second world war. Culture is important part of every day life of every citizen in Bautzen. This is why this theater is very respected.

2. Bautzen Spring

Bautzen Spring

Bautzen Spring is something you don't want to miss. It is situated on the western part of Protschenberg. It is the largest festival in the region, which now has over regional attraction. Other than that, it has market in its near area, so you can shop and stroll around.

4. The school observatory John Francis

The school observatory John Francis

The school observatory "John Francis" in Bautzen is one of the largest and oldest university observatories in Germany. It is one of the oldest German school observatory. In 1872, school observatory is built in the garden of the Municipal Gymnasium. After Second world war, it is moved at another located. It is great attraction for all science enthusiasts. You can easily find it, by using one of town maps or you can ask any people on the street, everyone knows where it is.

Town history dates back in year 1002. King Henry II and Prince Boleslav signed a peace. Bautzen became part of the Holy Roman Empire. It is nice and unique town in Germany.

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