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Things to see in Batley

Batley is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. It lies 27 kilometers south-east of Bradford, and ten kilometers south-west of Leeds. It is close to Dewsbury, near highway. It has a population of fifty thousands. Other close towns are Morley, Ossett and Brighouse. Batley is home to many economy companie at Commercial Street.

1. Tesco


The biggest shop here is Tesco which is connected to the principle shopping road. There are a few chain shops, including Boots the Chemist and until its collapse, a Woolworth's store which has now changed into a little shop called JBM deals Batley Shopping Center. This is a mall which has reowned by Tesco. The grocery store has an avenue to their market. The primary retailer in the mall is Iceland.

3. The Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum has a little yet nice accumulation of cars going over to 1885, and reflecting car dealers and famous car brends. It is excellent destination for all car enthusaists and if love cars you should not skip it.

5. Batley Grammar School

Batley Grammar School

Batley Grammar School is a school placed on Carlinghow Hill in Upper Batley, and it was established in 1612 by William Lee. Batley Parish Church dedicated a liturgy for him, as he asked for in his will, despite the fact that it is not on the date initially determined. The school was initially a young men's school however girls are also welcomed years later.

2. Wilton Park

Wilton Park

Wilton Park is a park between the town center area and Birstall. In its grounds are the Milner K. Passage Observatory and Bagshaw Museum. The exhibition hall is found in a house constructed by the George Sheard, and it has characteristics from ancient history. The historical center is named after its first custodian Walter Bagshaw.

4. The Batley Variety Club

The Batley Variety Club

The Batley Variety Club was a social club in Batley and it was financed and helped to establish by the late Yorkshire artist Peter Fleming and James Corrigan. It had a limit of one thousand and six hundred people, and when it was opened it offered night club area with a dinner. Club was very popular, but it was shut around 1978 and revived as the Crumpet club. It shut again and later re-opened as Batley Frontier Club. The Variety Club is important part of town's history.

6. Batley line station

Batley line station

Batley line station serves the town of Batley and it was opened in 1848. The station is thirteen kilometers to the south west of Leeds. Trains from Batley go towards Leeds and Huddersfield. From Mondays to Saturdays in the daytime, there is a route from Batley to Leeds and to Dewsbury. If you want to visit this area, this is a chance to do it. Nighttimes, there is an hourly routineto Leeds and Huddersfield. The station was at one time bigger than it is today.

The name Batley is gotten from Danish, and it is a word that signify valley or estate. It is recorded in the Domesday Book as Bateleia. After the Norman Conquest, estate was formed by Elbert de Lacy. The populace in twelve century was only thirty individuals. By the late fourteenth century, the populace has expanded to one hundred.

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