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Things to do and see in Ballarat

This city is located on the Yarrowee River. Things to do in Ballarat are as impressive as the short but rich history of this city.

1. Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill

This is the place where Australian history comes to life. Outdoor museum, one of the kind, shows the first ten years of Ballarat after the discovery of gold in 1851. In this place you can feel the life decades ago, see gentlemen and ladies parading their wealth and also other people excited after finding the real gold in the river and being able to keep it for themselves!

3. Blood on the Southern Cross

Blood on the Southern Cross

This is explosive multi million dollar show that will leave you speechless. It tells the story of the Eureka Rebellion, a battle between the Government forces and gold miners in December 1854, when the miners burn down The Eureka Hotel. The play is set under the sky of Sovereign Hill, it involves no actors, just a sound, voices and light effects. Also, visitors can travel across the site on a transporter that is very comfortable. Before the show you can also enjoy a two course dinner. If you want to avoid disappointment with the accommodation, bookings are essential.

5. The Gold Museum

The Gold Museum

The history of Ballarat is very rich and it is best displayed in this museum. It shows wealth derived from the great gold rushes of the 1950s in Australia. The special exhibition is 'Ballarat: Inspired By Gold' that tells the story of the city from the early days to European settlement and impact of gold rushes. It is interesting that if you have a ticket for Sovereign Hill, entrance to museum is free.

2. Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree

This lake is the part of Ballarat Botanical Gardens, it is artificially created lake and is shallow urban lake. It has long been main social destination for people of Ballarat. It offers plenty of recreational activities that are free to use, like running and walking track, bird watching, cycling trails, picnic and BBQ facilities as well as children playing grounds.

4. Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park

Here you can get the best interactive experience with Australia's most unique animals, like crocodiles, koalas, wombats, lizards, venomous and non - venomous snakes. You can enjoy guided tour every day at 11 am or meet the keepers from 1,30 pm to 4 pm, and also is included in the ticket. Here you can also organize any kind of party for your kid or even Christmas parties. Also, there is cafe and the souvenir shop.

Ballarat is one of the most significant Victorian era towns in Australia. The things to do in Ballarat are really impressive and with the rich history so come and enjoy.

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