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5 things to do and see in Balclutha

Balclutha is a town in Otago, it lies towards the close of the Clutha River on the east bank of the South Island of New Zealand. It is partially between Dunedin and Invercargill on the Main South line, State Highway 1 and the Southern Scenic Route. Balclutha has a populace of 4062, and is the biggest town in South Otago. Things to do and see in Balcutha:

1. The Clutha

The Clutha

The Clutha is one of New Zealand's best tan trout streams, and is presumed to have the most astounding given number of fish for every kilometre of any stream in New Zealand. Taking any of numerous streets which transmit from the town, a fisher might be making a throws in under 30 minutes.

3. Pounawea


There are some dazzling strolls through the Catlins that investigate the range's remote beaches and rich rainforest. The guest focus has handouts with portions of the tracks, and there are guided eco tours run by Catlins Wildlife Trackers.

5. Naish Park

Naish Park

Naish Park is near Clutha River. The Clutha River is open for salmon and trout angling lasting through the year. When you have to extend your legs, the Blair Athol Walkway begins at Naish Park and takes you along the banks of the Clutha River to the Blair Athol ranch.

2. The Catlins

The Catlins

Natural life, local yellow-eyed penguins, seals and the extraordinary Hector's dolphins are a highlight of this lovely wild zone. The backwoods is additionally home to numerous local feathered creatures, incorporating fantails, tuis, bellbirds and ash larks.

4. Nugget Point

Nugget Point

Around 30km south-east of Balclutha, this windswept place is home to southern hide seals, local sealions, elephant seals and yellow-eyed penguins. There are additionally various seabirds, gannets and shags. The Park is one kite that does everything for any rider, any style, in any condition. Designed in view of fun, the Park furnishes a simple ride.

Balclutha is cut up by the relentless Clutha River, which is biggest conduit in New Zealand by volume. The waterway is a significant piece of the town's history - it swayed agriculturists to the region and carried thriving with the finding of gold. As the biggest town in South Otago, and the passage to the Catlins coast, Balclutha has a reach of shops and administrations.

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