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Things to see in Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg is a city in northwest Bavaria. The town of Aschaffenburg is not very important for this part of Germany. Aschaffenburg was found at the western area of Lower Franconia. Occupants talk in Rhine Franconian accent. Things to see in Aschaffenburg are listed below:

1. City Galerie

City Galerie

The City Galerie was opened in 1974 and it is found in the downtown area. This is the biggest shopping center in Northern Bavaria. It was one of the first indoor shopping centers in Germany and it was modernized twenty years ago. There are many famous brands to buy here.

3. Frohsinnstrasse


This road is found near the Hauptbahnhof and it provides interesting views on this whole part of Aschaffenburg.

5. Schloss Johannisburg

Schloss Johannisburg

There is a Schloss Johannisburg built in Aschaffenburg of red sandstone. Schloss Johannisburg is placed in the city of Aschaffenburg, in the area of Lower Franconia of the state of Bavaria, Germany. It is arranged in the central point of the city, disregarding the stream Main.

2. Fußgängerzone


Aschaffenburg has a walker shopping zone and there are no vehicles allowed. It is found in the downtown area with few stores, restaurants and bistros. You can have a bite here, or just take a drink and get some rest.

4. Dammer Tor Carré

Dammer Tor Carré

Another shopping zone placed in the region of Damm, on the northern side of the Hauptbahnhof is opened in 2012. There are Toys "R" Us store and wellness area too. It is connected to route station and downtown area.

6. The Pompejanum

The Pompejanum

The Pompejanum is a reproduction of a Roman estate, spotted on the high banks of the stream Main. It was dispatched by King Ludwig I. It is found inside sight of Schloss Johannisburg. The Pompejanum is encompassed by a little mediterranean building made in the nineteenth century when the building was developed.

Aschaffenburg is a city with complicated name and very simple touristic route where you can see so many interesting things.

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