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5 things to do and see Arnsberg

Arnsberg is a town in the Hochsauerland region, in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the area of the Regierungsbezirk organization of the Hochsauerlandkreis. Arnsberg is spotted in the north-east of the Sauerland in the Ruhr stream valley. The waterway Ruhr bypass the old town of the old city of Arnsberg. The town is almost totally encompassed by woodland, and in the north there is the a park "Arnsberger Wald". The principle street to reach Arnsberg is the Federal Motorway.

1. Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery

Arnsberg was initially formed in 789 in the Carolingian records as a major aspect of the area of Werden. Arnsberg was fabricated by Werl the eleventh century. There is a Jewish cemetary located here, if you wish to pay respect to the victims.

3. Mohnesee Dam

Mohnesee Dam

Bratwurst sold beside the dam is very tasty. The resevoir and encompassing region is magnificent. The explanation of its history value is presented here, and you can see true downstream destruction and all its power. It is an excellent spot for strolling and biking. There are various exercises and things to do.

5. Ness Freizeitbad

Ness Freizeitbad

You will be very happy with your family here in the sauna. A very nice play area with boat and water toys for the kids. A small outdoor pool is there, a sports pool and a spa with different options. Great slide is available too. The sauna area is also very nice. Price is affordable, for children is free.

2. Wildwald vossvinkel

Wildwald vossvinkel

You can go here while and enjoy the forest and the animals. Take a walk here for full stress free day out. It has restaurant for a lunch or a breakfast. Sound of flying creatures and animals is amazing.

4. Hotel am Markt

Hotel am Markt

Friendly central city hotel in the geographical center of Arnsberg. Rich breakfast buffet is included in the price. The hotel is recommended for business people too. Hotel is right on Ruhrtal way and can be used without detours on the bike.

Arnsberg is a place for open festivals. In the twelfth century, old Arnsberg turned into the seat of Westphalia. Later, the city lost its autonomy and had a place with the Cologne region when Romans ruled the territory. In 1816, it went under Prussian authority. The current city of Arnsberg was made in 1975 by uniting 14 urban communities.

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