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Things to do and see in Angers

Angers is a city in western France. Once, it was a capital city of France, just before the French Revolution has started. It is the third largest city in north-western France, and has a very favorable position as a tourism and economic concerns. Things to do and see in Angers are:

1. Castle of Angers

Castle of Angers

Visit castle of Angers, a castle which was built in the time of Louis the Ninth. It is a 13th century castle that will take you to the time of the Gothic and the Renaissance. In this beautiful monument, you can see works of art such as Tapestry of the Apocalypse, the largest tapestry from the Middle Age. Entrance is free for minors.

3. Musee Lurçat

Musee Lurçat

Museum Lurçat is very artistic place and it is opened for those who want to see and learn about the life of one of the greatest contemporary artists of tapestry making. Jean Lurçat was born in Bruyeres where, after a certain period of time, began with his tapetry making. Although his arrangement often related to women's motives, we recommend men to see this unique tapestry gallery too.

5. Chateau de Brissac

Chateau de Brissac

Angers is a city full of historic buildings from the Middle Ages. These include Chateau de Brissac, castle which is one of the largest castles in France. Surrounding of the castle is well known for its specific aroma of grapes from vineyards located next to the castle, and the cedar trees that exude freshness and clean air.

2. Terra Botanica

Terra Botanica

Terra Botanica is a botanical garden with some of the most beautiful flowers and plants in the whole France. Although at first glance it seems that this is a place for adults only, many children and minors will enjoy this amazing greenery and the nature surroundings which will give them the opportunity to play and have fun. Therefore, the best time to visit Terra Botanica is at the spring or summer, as it would be too cold for outdoor play in the winter.

4. Collegiale Saint - Martin

Collegiale Saint - Martin

Collegiale Saint - Martin is located in the historic center of Angers, and it is one of the best preserved buildings of Carolingian art. It belongs to the general consultant of Maine-et-Loire, and after twenty years of restoration, is open to all interested visitors.

Angers is a city in which you will enjoy, where you will have the opportunity to explore an ancient France. Angers will not leave you indifferent. Come and enjoy in its atmosphere whenever you want.

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