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Things to do and see in Albury

Albury has the twin city, Victoria and they are separated by the Murray River. Things to do in Albury, the fours season climate city are numerous, but here are five the most important attractions you simply can't miss.

1. Monument Hill War Memorial

Monument Hill War Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to women and men who served in World War I. It is located on the hill and you can see the whole region of Albury when you are already there. The memorial is accessible at all times and there are number of walking tracks to use around the site and also to enjoy local fauna and flora.

3. Albury Racing Club

Albury Racing Club

It conducts 18 thoroughbred race meetings every year but the club also hosts variety of events and functions during the year, including trade shows, Christmas parties, weddings and many other social events. Each meeting has variety of hospitality and entertainment options to choose from and the club is only 5 minutes from the centre of the Albury city.

5. Albury Library Museum

Albury Library Museum

This is award winning site and it brings together the technology and the heritage of the city. It offers interactive exhibitions, for example about the Wiradjuri people, first owners of the land of the city. There are also many other changing exhibitions that range from history subjects to contemporary multimedia. Library Museum won many national awards for architecture and also for attracting community users and tourists.

2. Lake Hume

Lake Hume

The lake is popular tourist destination and is open all year round. Here you can go camping, fishing, boating, sightseeing, make picnic or BBQ. It is very nice to visit the dam wall on the lake Hume since this location offers viewing platform with wonderful views for photographing. Here are also many recreational areas that one can use by his/hers interests.

4. Albury Botanic Gardens

Albury Botanic Gardens

These gardens are over 130 years old and are very popular. Many garden lovers and horticultural enthusiasts come from around the country to visit these botanic gardens. They have more than 1,000 exotic and native plant species and attract more than 300,000 people yearly. Inside the gardens is also children's garden, a place where kids can learn about the environment in fun and creative way. Opening hours are from 8,30 until sunset.

This city is very warm and will offer you so many possibilities for sightseeing. Things to do in Albury are attractive and this city will warm up your heart and soul.

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