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5 things to do and see in Aalen

Aalen is a previous imperial city spotted in the eastern piece of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, around 70 kilometers east of Stuttgart and 48 kilometers north of Ulm. It is the seat of the Ostalbkreis region and is its biggest town. It is biggest town in the Ostwürttemberg area. Things to see here are:

1. Aalen Theatre

Aalen Theatre

The town has Theater of the Town of Aalen, and it has been established in 1991. It is the freshest and the most modest community theater in Germany. It offers four theater clubs for all age levels.

3. Musical School

Musical School

Musical School of Aalen today has around 1,500 understudies taught by 27 music teachers in 30 subjects. Symphony was founded here in Aalen, which today is called Aalener Sinfonieorchester. It performs three open shows yearly.

5. Chime tower

Chime tower

Town raised a chime tower as a dedication to Aalen's casualties of both world wars. The tower was arranged by Emil Leo and each night, you can here it.

2. Schubart Literary Award

Schubart Literary Award

The town enriched the "Schubart Literary Award" in the fifties, in tribute to Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, who spent his childhood here. It is one of the prestige honors in Baden-Württemberg and it is honored biennially to German-dialect scholars.

4. Aalen Limes Museum

Aalen Limes Museum

In the center of Aalen, there is the Aalen Limes Museum and it is placed at the spot of the biggest Roman fortification north of the Alps. Exhibition hall shows various articles from the Roman time. It is historical center with Roman celebration every year.There is a stone here in omage to the victims of wars.

Since the fifties, Aalen has had the status of significant town. It is noted for its wooden houses from the sixteenth century through the eighteenth century. With a territory of 146 sqaure kilometers, Aalen is positioned seventh in Baden-Württemberg and second inside the the Stuttgart.

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