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Things to do in Ischilín

Ischilín is a town located in the province of Córdoba. It is divided into five districts, each one is amazing and tourist friendly. It had over 30,000 inhabitants in 2005. Its growth was followed by a deep crisis It emigration with a reduction of eight percent of the population, which could not recover for more than two decades. In the eighties, Ischilín begin to grow again.

1. La Casa De Mi Abuela

La Casa De Mi Abuela

In the White City, just six blocks from the Plaza de Armas and a larger area, you can find La Casa de mi Abuela. The most traditional building in Ischilin, it welcomes many friends tourists in environments surrounded by gardens, enjoying with the singing of the birds and enjoying the peace and quiet that every tourist deserves. Their service is customer focused and their concern is to provide the best care during their stay.

3. Dean Funes

Dean Funes

Dean Funes is an area in the northwestern part of the town. Its name recalls the founding father Gregorio Dean Funes, a member of the Big Government Board and rector of the University Cordoba. It is located in the mountainous area, served by National Route to the town center, and over one hundred kilometers along Provincial Route with Cruz del Eje. These lands belong to Estancia Los Carob. Its owners donated it to the Railroad.

2. Quebrada de la Luna

Quebrada de la Luna

Quebrada de Luna is a part of the town located in on Provincial Route. The area provides access to Uritorco and its houses with antique look is considered one of the finest scenery in this part of Argentina. It also has access to training Los Terrones, with similar rock formations to those of Talampaya. The name come from the Spanish Luis Luna.

4. YPF


This cafe is very slick and modern, and very new. Staff in this cafe is very friendly, they know to speak English, and they can offer you some of Argentinian specialties which you can enjoy tasting. Atmosphere is very relaxing, so feel free to visit and take a drink or too.

Until the first decades of the nineteenth century, Ischilín was formed completely. It has nice things to offer, and you can visit it with your family and friends.

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