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5 things to do in Shepparton

The name of this city is sometimes confused with the Shepperton in England, suburban town in Surrey. Things to do in Shepparton, Australian city are numerous, here are top five things to do and see by editor's choice.

1. Victoria Park Lake

Victoria Park Lake

It is situated On Victoria Lake and it offers many things for all ages. There are new bike and walk tracks that everybody can use, as well as BBQ and recreational facilities and camping sites. This place has it all you need for relaxing day. Come and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3. Shepparton Art Museum

Shepparton Art Museum

The museum has permanent exhibition of Australian Ceramics and also painting and works of paper. The museum also has two exhibition spaces that are open to young artists and they can apply for organization of their exhibitions. It is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm and the great news is that this museum offers free entry for all the visitors!

5. Chocolate Apple Factory

Chocolate Apple Factory

It is located in Goulburn Valley, in the heart of Victoria's Fruit Bowl. If you have always wondered how would taste chocolate with apples, come here and try it in local shop that is open Thursday to Monday from 9 am to 5 pm. Expect apple chocolates you can try other products, like natural fruit juices, fruit liqueurs and many other goodies and treats.

2. Moooving Art Shepparton

Moooving Art Shepparton

These cows rocks! These are four cows and they are known as 'Milky Bar'. At first they were by Victoria Park Lake, but they were destroyed, so now they have a new home in Visitor Centre. The four cows have been joined by Mooosical Cow and Cowasel, so now there are six of them. Visitors are just thrilled with the idea and the cows are now recovered and with fresh paint, so you simply have to see them!

4. Shepparton Heritage Centre

Shepparton Heritage Centre

The mission of this centre is to promote and preserve the history of Shepparton and the whole region. You can visit Heritage Cottage, a museum with four galleries and even Riverboat Wharf of 1880 that still stands today. If you are for some history, welcome to this centre and enjoy.

Shepparton is a fairy city by the Goulburn River in Australian state Victoria. Things to do in Shepparton are sweet and unusual, like the taste of apple chocolate from the local factory.

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